Where is the ReversalRequest file in dotnet library


To create a refund payment we use a file called RefundRequest from Adyen.Model.Modification, but I did not found a file called ReversalRequest to use the reversals endpoint. Please help me.


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  • Hey there! 


    Not sure which API Version you are talking about so I'll gather that it's the latest one. 

    If I look at the Checkout service, which contains all of the reversal and refund enpoints, there is a CreatePaymentReversal class that is being mentioned in the file. You can find its source here. Is it the file you are searching for by any chance? 

    publicPaymentReversalResourcePaymentsReversals(stringpaymentPspReference, CreatePaymentReversalRequestcreatePaymentReversalRequest)
    varpaymentReversal=newPaymentsReversals(this, paymentPspReference);



    Hope this helps, let me know if I can help further.




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