Community Guidelines


Community Guidelines

Welcome to our developer feedback forum! We designed this forum as a place for our community to connect and give feedback on Adyen’s API and developer products.

We’re committed to maintaining a safe, inclusive, and welcoming experience for all members of our community. We’re excited for healthy and engaging discussions, and count on all users to treat one another with sincerity and respect as they participate in this community.

Before posting or commenting, please review the guidelines on this page, all of which complement Adyen’s privacy policy and Usage Terms. These guidelines will be enforced, as we reserve the right to remove any content inconsistent with our community guidelines. We also reserve the right to remove users who violate these community guidelines.

We encourage members our community to:

  • Engage in open and friendly conversations
  • Feel comfortable sharing ideas and comments. Different perspectives and experiences are welcome. We encourage helpful and constructive comments
  • Give appropriate detail to any ideas, feature requests, new product requests, or feedback. Try to be as clear as possible in describing your ideas, use-cases, bug fixes, and other improvements (links and screenshots are also welcome)
  • Respect and maintain one another’s privacy (including yourself)
  • Refrain from sharing ideas which you wish to keep confidential
  • Refrain from sharing ideas for which you would expect to receive compensation
  • Contact Adyen Support if you have a question specific to you or your organization
  • Alert Adyen Developer Experience if you notice inappropriate behavior

In addition, here are a few things we do not allow in this community:

  • Belittling or arguing about another user’s post or comment. Sharing different perspectives in a constructive way can help extend the conversation, rather than shutting it down
  • Hateful, derogatory, discriminatory, or otherwise offensive content
  • Illegal, harmful, or dangerous behavior or content
  • Solicitation for commercial purposes, including advertisements, self-promotion, and spam

Enjoy your stay, and please reach out to us if you have any questions!

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