Changes to Adyen's bank accounts for USD payouts as of November 9th, 2022


Adyen is migrating its bank accounts for USD payouts to Adyen Bank for the merchants that are currently being paid from Adyen's Bank of America and ABN-AMRO bank accounts. 


Why is Adyen changing its originating bank account for USD?

Adyen is leveraging its banking infrastructure in the United States. This will allow Adyen to further improve on creating a global payouts network for its merchants that is fast, reliable and cost efficient.


When will the change take place?

We will make the change to Adyen's originating bank accounts as of November 9th, 2022.


Will this change/impact payout schedules or payout models?

No, this change will not impact merchants' payout schedules nor the payout models.


Will this affect the way payments are processed with Adyen?

No, there will be no impact to payment processing with this change nor Adyen's ability to initiate payouts.


Where can I see the updated account details?

Adyen’s new account details will be available to you within your bank statement once the change takes place. If you require to have the account details beforehand, please reach out to us via with this request.


What impact does this change have?

Likely this change will not require any action from the merchant's side since this should not have impact on the payout bank description nor the existing payout schedule. 


What to do if you have automatic reconciliation in place?

If you have an automatic reconciliation setup that uses the remittance information field then we request you to verify the integration. If a change is observed after November 9th, 2022, please reach out to us via with a before and after screenshot of what you observe on your bank statement/portal.

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