How do I set up Adyen Giving in Magento?

How to set up Adyen Giving in Magento

  1. Log in the Magento back office.
  2. From the sidebar, select Stores > Configuration.
  3. Scroll down and open the Sales menu and then, open Payment methods.
  4. Select the Configure payment methods submenu and scroll down to Adyen Giving.
  5. Make sure the enabled field is set to Yes.
    Then fill out the rest of the form with the requested information. Every field must be filled. 
  6. For suggested donation amounts, you can enter multiple amounts, separated by a comma. 
  7. (optional) To customize the look and feel of the donation page, you can add a background image and your chosen charity’s logo. 
  8. Once everything is added, click on Save config.
  9. If successfully saved, you’ll get a notification to go to Cache Management.
  10. Click on this notification and then select on the Flush Magento Cache button.

You’re now ready to accept donations via your Magento plugin and bring your customer along on your Giving journey.

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