How can I search for payments using full and partial matches?

Searching for payments using full references is the fastest and most reliable way to find your payments. The most frequently used fields can be searched by entering the reference or string directly into the search bar. The fields that allow this are the following.

  • PSP reference
  • Merchant reference
  • Shopper Reference
  • Shopper Email
  • Shopper Telephone Number
  • Account Holder Code
  • Card Number Summary
  • Modification Description

Other fields can be searched using a prefix - found under the i-icon next to the search bar.

For example:

  • acquirerAccount:EXAMPLE_ACCOUNT
  • amount: 100
  • merchantOrderReference: abcd-1234-aaa
  • paymentMethod: paypal
  • shopperStatement: abcd-1234


Searching for only a partial reference is possible in a number of cases. For searching on PSP reference, merchant reference and shopper reference, you can perform partial reference searching. It is recommended to separate parts of the references by dashes (-). The following scenario’s support partial reference search.

  • Full merchant reference: SB694-Robelstad-BCEAO
  • Partial merchant reference separated by dash (-): SB694
  • Partial reference separated mid string: SB694-Robel
  • Partial reference separated replacing the first part by a wildcard: *-Robelstad-BCEAO
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