Why did I Receive a Negative Balance Notification?

You received a Negative Balance Notification because one or multiple of your Merchant Accounts contain Payable batches older than 30 days holding a negative balance with Adyen. Such negative balances can occur when the expenses of a Merchant Account exceed the amount of processed payments. A negative Payable may prevent you from processing refunds and payouts, or from receiving your Deposit.

Where can I find my negative balance?

You can find your current balances on the Balance Overview page in the Customer Area. This overview is available on Company level as well as on Merchant Account level. In the Customer Area navigate to Finance > Balances overview or Company balances overview for the respective information. 

Why do I have a negative balance?

In order to investigate the cause of your negative balance please refer to the Settlement Detail Report for individual Payable batch level data or the Aggregate Settlement Detail Report for a more extensive time period. You can find all money movements for your Merchant Account’s Payable there. In the Customer Area navigate to Reports > Settlement Detail Report or Aggregate Settlement Detail Report where you can download the Reports.

How do I offset a negative balance?

You can find all available options for offsetting your negative balance on this doc page.

My balance is not negative anymore, what do I do?

If your negative balance has been cleared and your Merchant Account shows a positive balance again, you do not have to take any further action. 

I want to Top-Up my Merchant account in a different currency than displayed, what do I do?

Currently the Top-Up functionality only supports the main reserve currency of your Merchant Account. If you like to wire a different currency amount to your Merchant Account please wire the funds directly to Adyen using this information. When wiring funds, please don’t forget to clearly state the Merchant Account you are wiring funds for in the remittance description.


The negative balance was caused by company-level invoices that were deducted from this merchant account. Where can I change the merchant account from which company-level invoices are deducted, so this doesn’t happen going anymore going forward? 

You can change the charge merchant in the Customer Area under Settings > Account Settings

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