What are the KYC requirements for onboarding an account holder?

By law, Adyen has to collect Know Your Customer (KYC) information of the legal entities we do business with. Adyen supports the onboarding of different types of entities: organizations, individuals, and bank accounts. The information that is required to onboard an Account Holder depends on the type of entity, and the capabilities that this Account Holder needs. The full list of requirements to onboard an Account Holder for the Issuing capability is described in our documentation


When you create an Account Holder and request a capability, we will automatically notify your systems of the KYC information that we need. By default, Adyen will attempt to minimize the information that we need to perform KYC. For instance, to onboard an individual entity we may ask only for name, date of birth and address information. Only after we have done review of the provided information and believe we can’t successfully complete the KYC review, would we send you automated feedback to your systems to inform you that we need a photocopy of an ID document. You may also choose to provide ID documents up front. 


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