What are Adyen’s restrictions on usage of the cards?

There are three components contributing to the restrictions of Adyen-issued cards.

  1. Capabilities, as a result of the KYC onboarding process: The KYC assessment will determine the baseline levels of some core functionalities of the Adyen-issued cards including ATM withdrawal level, send and receive funds between balance accounts and payment instruments.
  2. Platform rules managed by Adyen: Adyen has a set of transaction rules applying to the whole platform in order to manage our risk level. 
  3. Tailored transaction rules implemented by card partners directly using the Risk engine: In addition, you can use our flexible Risk engine to create more granular transaction rules tailored to the card programs. The rules can be hard-block or score-based, and can be applied to different levels in account hierarchy with various intervals. For example, maximum amount within a 7-day interval or hard-blocking on specific processing types. 


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