How can we activate a virtual card?

A virtual card is a payment instrument which is not manufactured as a plastic card with all the regular physical components: a chip, a magstripe, a contactless interface, etc. A virtual card is also not to be confused with digital cards which are physical cards uploaded in a wallet (Apple Pay, Google Pay, etc.).


The status of a card can be changed either by making an API call or directly via the Customer Area. This status can also change based on the card usage (if a wrong PIN is keyed 3 times in a row, for example).

To request virtual cards via an API call, the requester has to indicate "formFactor": "virtual" in their API request. The response is the card:


   "balanceAccountId": "BA******************",

   "description": "your description",

   "issuingCountryCode": "NL",

   "status": "Active",

   "type": "card",

   "card": {

       "authentication": {

           "password": "******",

           "phone": {

               "number": "+31********",

               "type": "Mobile"



       "brand": "mc",

       "brandVariant": "mcdebit",

       "cardholderName": "First Name Last Name",

       "formFactor": "virtual",

       "bin": "500000",

       "cvc": "***",

       "expiration": {

           "month": "MM",

           "year": "YYYY"


       "lastFour": "0000",

       "number": "5000000000000000"


   "id": "PI********************"
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