What is a physical card and how does it work?

A physical card is a payment instrument where a plastic card is manufactured to perform payments. 

The process to create a physical card consists of two steps 

  1. Card manufacturing: the base cards are created that consist of the plastic according to the card design, and the EMV chip.
  2. Card personalisation: phase in which the base cards are personalized with the account details pertaining to the cardholder. In addition, all the chip profile elements are programmed into the chip during this stage. 


Physical cards can be provisioned into digital wallets like ApplePay, GooglePay, AmazonPay and SamsungPay. This can be done via manual and push provisioning. 


A physical card can be requested either by an API call or in the Customer Area.  For the API call, please visit this Docs page. The status of the physical cards can also be changed via these two channels. 

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