How can I go live with Issuing?

The first step to launch your Issuing program is to get in touch with us. We’d like to learn more about your business model, use case and the types of cards you intend to use (physical cards, virtual cards, or both).


Once we’ve identified and approved your use case, we’ll work with you to design your card program and your implementation. Some important elements to consider are:

  1. The card type (physical, virtual, or both)*
  2. The card product (credit, debit, or prepaid)
  3. Your account structure on your platform
  4. How to authorize payments and manage spending
  5. How to fund the card program

Once your card program and implementation is scoped and designed, you will receive a Test account and you can start building your integration. 

After you have built and tested your integration in the Test environment, we’ll help you take your account live. Once the setup and configuration of the Live environment is done, you are ready to launch your Issuing program.

*For physical cards, we'll provide you card design and card personalization guidelines. You will need to submit a card design, and this design will need to be approved by the respective scheme (Mastercard or Visa). Once the design is approved, the cards will be manufactured and sent to the personalization site, where the cards can be personalized and shipped to your card holders once your implementation is ready and Live.

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