How can my franchisee refund a payment from a POS terminal?

How to start a refund in standalone mode?

If you do not use any cash register software, you are still able to process payments and refund using your Payment device. There are two types of refunds that can be done from the terminal:


Referenced Refunds

  1. Open the menu on your device:
  • On a non-Android terminal, open the Admin menu, and then select Transactions
  • On an Android terminal, select Transactions > History
  1. Select the transaction you want to refund
  2. Select the action to void (refund) the transaction

The terminal prints a receipt for the refund. If successful, the refund is issued directly to the shopper's account.


Unreferenced Refunds

  1. Open the special payments menu:
  • On a non-Android terminal: Select 8 and then the Confirm key >Enter your Admin passcode and the Confirm key.
  • On an Android terminal, select Transactions > New transaction.
  1. Select Refund.
  2. Enter the value of the refund and confirm.
  3. Hand the terminal to the shopper, so they can complete the refund.
  4. The shopper presents the card to the terminal and follows the instructions on the terminal to complete the refund.
  5. The terminal prints a receipt for the refund.

For more information on standalone refunds you can refer to this page


How to start a refund from my cash register system?

Each cash register system is different. Please reach out to your cash register provider for instructions on how to start a Refund transaction with their system. 

If you are a cash register provider and would like to implement refunds into your Adyen integration then refer to this page

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