I want to see an overview of Franchisee fees, settlements, refunds over a specified period of time, which report can I use?

The Aggregate Settlement Report can be used to see fees, settlements and refunds over the time period of choice. 


In order to generate this report :

  1. Log in to Essentials
  2. Go to Finance > Aggregate Settlement 
  3. Select Generate Report, on the top right of the page
  4. Choose the dates needed and select Generate Report


Please note this report can be set to Automatic Generation, which once setup, will schedule this report daily, weekly or monthly. This can be added by selecting Enable automatic generation


Once the report has been downloaded and opened, the Column ‘Journal Type’ can be used to filter specific journal types.


Indicates the Adyen fee for each batch.


Indicates how much has Adyen settlement to the franchisee


Each line refers to a transaction settled to Adyen


Each line refers to a refund, initiated by the franchisee


The Sales to Payout Dashboard,, found under Finance can be used to identify fees, settlements, and refunds over a period of time. 


By selecting the Payouts tab and choosing the time period on the top right, the franchisee can see an visual overview of the Sales, Refunds, Cost of transactions and payouts. 

By scrolling down on this page, each batch paid out during the chosen period is referenced. 

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