How can a franchisee view disputes and handle chargebacks in Essentials?

In the dispute section in Essentials, franchisees are able to view and defend all their disputes. 

In order to view your disputes, you need to have the “merchant dispute management role” enabled.


To view your disputes:

  1. Log in to Essentials.
  2. Go to Disputes.
    The Disputes section shows a list of transactions that have been disputed, as well as their:
    • Status. Whether you have Won or Lost the dispute.
    • Reason code: Why the transaction is disputed. For more information, refer to Dispute reason codes.
    • Expiration: You have until this date to defend the dispute.
    • Disputed amount: The value of the transaction being disputed.

To manage your disputes:

Clicking on a dispute provides more information about the dispute, such as: Card details, payment details, and the number of Days to act. We recommend filtering by disputes that require action to either upload defense material or accept the dispute. This can be found in the right top corner of the disputes page.


To defend a dispute, select Needs action in the drop-down menu above the disputes list, and select the dispute that you want to defend. In order to successfully defend  a dispute, please have  a look at the article on how to defend a dispute. 


Getting notified: 

In order to get notified about a chargeback, please turn on your system messages. This can also be done in Essentials > System Messages > click Subscribe 

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