How can a franchisee subscribe to important notifications (System Messages) in essentials?

A system message is a notification about important events related to your Adyen account. 

Franchisees can subscribe to their system messages in Essentials. These system messages will be received by email. The admin user of the account is automatically subscribed to all system messages by default.


To turn on the system messages:

  1. Log in to Essentials.
  2. If you have several merchant accounts, switch to the merchant account for which you want to set up the subscription. You need to set up a separate subscription for each of your merchant accounts.
  3. Go to System messages.
  4. Use the toggles to select which messages you would like to get by email.
  5. Select Save.


Adyen will send you an email by the following events:

  • Fraud (Notification of fraudulent payments)
  • Chargebacks (notifications of chargebacks)
  • Account: required account changes


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