Is it possible to change what appears on the shopper’s bank statement?

There are two ways of changing what appears on the shopper’s bank statement: 

  • The Dynamic Shopper statement allows you to change what appears on the shopper bank’s statement yourself via an API call. Find more information in his article..
  • The Static Shopper statement is when you request the change by our Support Team 

If you would like a static merchant descriptor on the shopper's bank statement please contact our Support Team specifying what you would like displayed referring to the information below.


  • This descriptor can be a maximum of 22 characters only, including spaces.
  • a-z, A-Z, 0-9 or spaces, Special characters: . , ' _ - ? + * /

Please also specify which MerchantAccounts you would like this shopper statement applied to. For example:

Merchant Account Name 

Shopper Statement


Please keep in mind that we send this information to the shopper's issuing bank, but are not responsible for displaying the information on the shopper's bank statement.

Ultimately it is the issuing bank which decides what is displayed on the shopper's bank statement.

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