How do I manage users as a Franchisor?

[Only translate this: TEST] A user role determines what the user can do in Essentials. Adyen gives the possibility to have multiple users with different permissions in the Essentials portal. This means that not all users would have the same permission. The admin user of the account is able to create new users and turn on/off certain user roles. 

Every user whose details have been used during Adyen’s onboarding process will automatically receive the admin role. The admin role in Essentials means that this person is able to create new users, view payments, download reports, dispute management. A list of all users can be found on this Docs page.



If a team member needs to have access to download reports and view transactions we would recommend to turn on these roles:

  • View payment
  • Merchant report role
  • Generate report
  • Download reports 


However, if a team member would need to be able to refund payments we would recommend to turn on Merchant manage payments role.


In Essentials > Users, you are able to view all users, create new users, send a password reset email, add or remove roles, and deactivate a user. 

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