What can I do as a franchisor if I have trouble accessing the Customer Area?

If you are having trouble logging into the Customer Area, please execute the following troubleshooting steps to try solving the issue:

  1. Make sure that you are using the correct environment: TEST or LIVE.
  2. Note that the login details are case-sensitive. Make sure you entered your login credentials using the correct case.
    "usernamE" is different from "Username" and "username"
  3. Check that you enter the right Adyen Company Account in the Account field. Your Adyen CA company account may contain several merchant accounts. For example, the Merchant account WhereverPeoplePayCOM may be a sub-account of WhereverPeoplePay. You will need to use your Adyen CA company account name, WhereverPeoplePay in this case. 
  4. Try to  reset your password .

If you tried all of the above things but you are still unable to login, please double check with your admin user if your user account is set up correctly. In case your email is unverified, your admin user is able to resend you the verification link to correctly set up your mail.

If the issue persists, please reach out to our Support Team and provide them with the credentials you are trying to login with.

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