What is the Franchise migration file?

The franchise migration file is a spreadsheet provided by the Franchisor that contains information about the stores that will be onboarded. 

For instance: 

  • Legal entity name 
  • Store address
  • Email address of the owner

This information will be imported into our systems, and is used to send out the invitation links and pre-fill the application form for you, which is why it is important that it is as accurate as possible. 


In some cases the “branching” functionality is used. This is the case when multiple stores are owned by one single legal entity. So, if you have multiple stores in one migration file under the same Legal Entity, the onboarding team will use the “branching” function. 


If this is used, you will receive one invitation link where you can enter the required information that will be screened by us once submitted. Our team will choose the first store listed in the migration file to create the first merchant account


When the screening is successful and the account is ready to go live, our system will create the additional merchant accounts. Each of these additional merchant accounts will hold one store under it, but will have the same legal entity details as the store from the application you already filled-in, so you will not have to fill-in the same details in the application again. This option allows a faster and less complicated onboarding process, and also allows you to have one different payout account per store, if you desire (nb: this is not possible if all stores are under the same merchant account).


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