What are the different types of risk reports?

Risk reports can be accessed via the Customer Area > Reporting > Filter with Risk reports. 

There are two types of Risk Reports:

1. Downloadable reports

Case management transaction details

Extract of all manually reviewed transactions, including case status change. 

Chargeback transaction details

Aggregate of chargebacks details for a set period of time. 

Dispute transaction details

Daily report of dispute transaction details. Can also be generated in bulk. 

Referral list report

Extract of all referral lists maintained on your account.


2. Live dashboards

Risk report

Overview of the performance of Revenue Protect (RP). This includes graphs such as the refusal rate by RP,  top 10 of the risk checks flagged by Revenue Protect, the fraud score distribution of overall transactions, as well as of chargebacks, etc.

Chargeback report

Overview of transactions that resulted in a chargeback.

Excessive Chargeback Program

Indication of ECP program status based on chargeback performance 

Merchant Fraud Program

Indication of MFP program status based on chargeback/ notification of fraud performance. 

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