How do I manage loyal shoppers vs. fraud?

Loyal shoppers are a set of shoppers that you, as a merchant, consider to be safe enough to trust. The challenge is to be able to stop fraudulent payments without blocking legitimate shoppers. 

To do so, Revenue Protect offers ways to give more leeway to loyal shoppers by off-setting their overall risk score.

In order to off-set the score, you need to give a negative score and therefore systematically decrease the risk score of those shoppers, which will allow them to never be blocked for fraud by Revenue Protect. 

The negative score can either be given through: 

  • A trust list: you already have a list of loyal shoppers and can identify them through an email, a phone number, a delivery address, or a shopper IP. You can either bulk upload these lists, or adjust them as you go. This can be found in the Customer Area > Risk > Block and trust lists
  • Automatically identifying shoppers that you can consider as being loyal: the shopper has a good history over a set period of time, and during this period the shopper has not received any fraud related chargebacks. This setting can be configured on the risk profile. 

By using score off-sets, you can be sure to let legitimate shoppers make purchases and at the same time block fraudulent behavior using the other risk rules. 

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