What is Revenue protect?

RevenueProtect is Adyen’s built-in risk management solution helping businesses to manage fraud, reduce costs, and increase conversion. 


When it comes to risk management there is no single solution, every business is different and faces unique risks. But this comes with the challenge of finding the right balance between risk management and shopper experience. RevenueProtect solves this challenge by helping businesses detect, prevent and respond to fraud through a combination of risk checks and machine learning technology.


RevenueProtect offers a basic and a premium package. 

The basic version offers a set of standard risk checks free of charge whereas the premium product includes more advanced risk features such as experimentation and machine learning at an additional cost. Find a complete list of the features offered for each package.


RevenueProtect Basic

RevenueProtect Premium

Standard risk rules

  • Velocity checks
  • Consistency checks
  • Referral rules (Block & Trust list)

Premium risk rules 

  • ShopperDNA
  • Custom risk rules


Case Management

Automated Risk

Network Signals

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