Why is a paypal payment stuck on "pending" status?

The PayPal resultCode is the payment response which indicates that Adyen is not able to obtain the final status of a payment. 

This pending status can be the result of a number of different scenarios and is  quite common. Your integration should be able to handle the Pending or Received resultCodes and rely on notifications to obtain the final authorized status. 

After a PayPal payment is in pending status, Adyen submits status checks every 15 minutes for 1 hour and when an authorized response is returned we send the AUTHORIZATION notification to you. If there is no further authorization response returned, the transaction will remain in the offer stage until it expires.


Most common reasons the payment is in pending status:

  • Shopper needs to take further action to complete the payment
  • Incorrect PayPal email (MID) configured at the payment method
  • Incorrect or missing currency on payment


  • Notify your shopper that additional action is needed on their end to complete the payment
  • Ensure you are using the correct PayPal Business account (not personal account) when communicating with Adyen on initial setup 
  • Ensure you have the same currency in which you are processing configured on the payment method  
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