What is the Reserve and how do I set it up?

The Refund Reserve is a buffer you can configure in your merchant account to make sure you have sufficient funds for refunds, chargebacks, and other operational expenses. These funds are still owned by you and can be retrieved from the reserve at any point.

You can Configure a Reserve by logging in your Customer Area > Finance > Balance (Merchant) > Select Control Balances > Threshold.

You are in control of the reserve by adjusting the reserve threshold. When the threshold is increased, the funds will be withheld from your payout and added to the Reserve until the threshold has been met. This will be seen as a debit ReserveAdjustment in the payable batch (funds moving from the payable to the reserve). The same process follows when the threshold is decreased. Funds will leave the reserve until the threshold amount is met and this will be seen as a credit ReserveAdjustment in the payable batch (funds moving from the reserve to the payable).

There are different ways to add funds to your reserve. Firstly, you can perform a top-up payment or you can transfer balance from one merchant account to another.

You can also have your Reserve balance be automatically filled in by setting up Auto-funding.

Please note that if you want to be notified when the Reserve balance drops below a certain value, select System messages under Reserve balance, and enter a percentage to configure this value. For example when you enter 30, you will get a system message when the Reserve balance drops below 30% of the threshold value.





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