How can I monitor my specific payment method performance?

There are two ways of monitoring payment method performance. First, by accessing payment method data using our Reporting or by making use of the Insights dashboards found under Customer Area > Insights.


When making use of our reporting, use the Monthly Finance report and navigate to the Payment Method Performance table inside the Payment Method Breakdown tab. Here, for each payment method you’ll see the amount of payments that resulted in the following status: Received, Authorized, Refused, Error, Chargeback.


When making use of the Insights dashboards, in the Payment lifecycle section you’ll find various tabs displaying different kinds of information for this company/merchant account:

Authentication & drop-off

Shows a separate graph and table for Authentication performance containing the Conversion rate for each payment method. Two additional tables show a further breakdown of Exemptions and Retries

Authorized & refused

Shows the overall authorization rate with a further breakdown for each payment method, as well as a Refusal breakdown to see the most prevalent refusal reasons.

Purchases & refunds

Shows the amount of authorized transactions and refunds for each payment method.

Chargebacks & NOFs

Shows the amount of chargebacks and notifications of fraud for each payment method.

Settlements & fees

Shows the settlement overview with a further breakdown of settlements and fees for each payment method.

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