How do I get the proof of a payout?/download payout confirmation letter

If the payout has been confirmed, you can proceed to download the payout letter from your Customer Area and share it with the account holder. 

To download the letter, you must have the Allow the user to download the payout confirmation letter or Merchant Extended MarketPlace role assigned to you.

  1. Log in to the Customer Area.
  2. Go to Platform > Sub-merchants.
  3. Select the sub-merchant.
  4. Select the Transactions tab.
  5. Filter to Status > Payout.
  6. Expand the payout.
  7. In the History section, select the Download document.

The letter is downloaded in PDF format.

If the payout letter is not available to download, it means that the payout was initiated but hasn't been confirmed yet, which can take approximately 5 business days. If this time is passed, please contact our Support Team, mentioning the PSP reference, the date of the payout and the account holder code to facilitate further investigation.


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