Why didn’t my account holder receive a payout?

You can track account holders’ payouts via the Customer Area: 

  1. Log in to the Customer Area.
  2. Go to Platform > Sub-merchants.
  3. Select the sub-merchant.
  4. Select the Transactions tab.
  5. Filter to Type > Payout.
  6. Expand the payout.

When the payout is initiated, you will receive an ACCOUNT_HOLDER_PAYOUT notification. After a payout is initiated, it usually takes up to 5 business days for the funds to arrive at the account holder bank account with standard payout speed, and it might differ depending on the bank. 

Once the payout is debited from your platform account, you receive another ACCOUNT_HOLDER_PAYOUT notification with statusCode Confirmed. If the payout has been confirmed, it is reflected as such under History

If you haven't received a confirmation notification within 1-2 business days after the payout is initiated, you contact our Support Team, mentioning the PSP reference, the date of the payout and the account holder code to facilitate further investigation.

Please take into account that payouts can also be returned to Adyen (status in Customer Area: Payout reversed). In this case, there may be a delay of around 3-6 business days before the funds are booked back to the account holder’s payable balance to be paid out again.

When a payout is returned to Adyen, you will receive another ACCOUNT_HOLDER_PAYOUT notification with statusCode Failed.

Please make sure to update the account holder’s bank details prior to re-issuing the payout. For further information on returned payouts, the account holder can reach out to their bank.

Further information about returned payouts can be found here.

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