How can I manage payouts to the account holders’ cards?

A positive balance of an account holder’s account can be paid out to an eligible Mastercard or Visa debit card using Adyen’s API. Kindly reach out to Support if your platform would like this to be enabled. 


The following three steps need to be performed in order to send payouts to cards:

  1. Check if the card is eligible for payouts and save the card details by submitting a /payments request with your account holder’s card details. Make sure to include the merchantAccount, shopperReference, enablePayOut, and paymentMethod parameters in your request.
  2. Add a card as payout method by submitting an /updateAccountHolder request. Make sure to include the shopperReference and recurringDetailReference parameters in you request.
  3. Submit a card payout using the /payoutAccountHolder endpoint.


More information on the above mentioned steps can be found in our documentation.

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