What is TransferBalance and how do I reconcile it?

TransferBalance record type in the Marketplace Payments Accounting report (MPAR) is a booking made on your platform’s liable account. The entry accounts for all the transactions from the Settlement Details report (SDR) which does not have a matching entry in the MPAR.


To ease the process of reconciliation of Transfer Balance bookings, we recommend the following guidelines:

  1. Identify the corresponding SDR batch from the information provided in the Description column of the Transfer Balance entry.
  2. Match the amount of Transfer Balance to transactions in SDR which do not have a matching entry in the MPAR.


In previous versions of the report, this amount includes PaymentCost, DepositCorrection, InvoiceDeduction,MatchedStatement, ManualCorrected, MerchantPayin, and MerchantPayinReversed.


For new platforms, the TransferBalance only contains the aggregate amount of credits and debits that could not have been booked due to missing split information, missing split reference, or a technical issue. Other debits and credits are reported under new record types. For example, payment costs are reported under record type Fee.


Kindly note that the new record types are used by default in new platforms. For existing platforms, contact our Support Team to enable them.


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