How do I reconcile the balances between my accounts?

Adyen offers the Marketpay Balance report which can be generated on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis. This report provides the balance of all the virtual accounts in your platform account at the end of each respective time period. 


For reconciliation purposes, if it is nee aded to verify the balances for a virtual account, we advise to match the fund flow for an account during a time period in Marketpay Balance report, and Marketplace Payments Accounting report.


In the Marketpay Balance report, fund flow for an account would be the difference between the balances at the two time points.


In the Marketplace Payments Accounting report, this can be calculated as the difference between the aggregated amount of the Balance(BC) column for an account, at the corresponding two time points.


Kindly note that under the current implementation, the Marketpay Balance report is always provided in the CET time zone, and the Marketplace Payments Accounting report is configured to the timezone of your platform account.


If you need any further help with reconciling your sub-merchant’s balance, kindly reach out to our Support team.


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