How do I transfer funds between my accounts?

Fund transfers allow you to manually control the balance of each account holder by moving funds from one account to another.  For fund transfers to be successful, the source account needs to have a positive balance and should be allowed for payout. The destination account should be allowed for processing. 

To enable this functionality, reach out to Support and define transfer codes and respective descriptions. Those are required when performing fund transfers. You can find some examples below.



DEBIT_COMMISSION - Commission that is collected from the sub merchant from using the platform service.

DEBIT_CHARGEBACK_FEE - Debit from sub merchant to cover a chargeback fee.

DEBIT_VIOLATION_TOS - Debit from sub merchant for violation of the Terms of Service.



CREDIT_PAYMENT_FAILURE - Credit to sub merchant to correct payment failure.

CREDIT_SUB_MERCHANT_BONUS - Credit to account holders for a bonus.

CREDIT_VOUCHER - Credit to sub merchant because shopper used a voucher

Fund transfers can be performed via the API (/transferFunds) or in the Customer Area. After the funds have been transferred, you can also refund a funds transfer using an API request.

For more information, please see our Fund transfers documentation.


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