How can I split payments between different accounts?

If you would like to split payments between different accounts, you can use our split payments feature. 

This allows for custom payment, capture, or refund splits between any number of accounts in your platform, including your liable account. You can split funds as many times as you need.

Marketplaces can customize the payment split to suit their business model and account for operational costs.

In the payment request, a platform can provide split information. Based on the split.type and split.reference, a split.item is booked.

There are 6 split types:

  1. Default
  2. PaymentFee
  3. VAT
  4. Commission
  5. MarketPlace
  6. BalanceAccount
  • Split types: Default, PaymentFee, VAT and Commission, it is not required to provide a split.reference for these split.types. These types can be used as required by the platform’s use case, and are provided for the ease of record keeping.
  • Split type: MarketPlace allows the platform to direct the funds to a specific account (including their own liable account).
    For Split.type MarketPlace an unique split.reference is required.
  • Split type: BalanceAccount is used in the case of a AfP setup on Adyen’s balance platform instead of VIAS.
    It is then required to provide the Balance account instead of the account.

If every split.item in a payment has an unique reference each split.item will be booked as PendingCredit-Credited under the transaction overview of your account holder..

If the split.reference is missing or not unique for split.types (Default, PaymentFee, VAT and Commission) the split.item will not be visible as PendingCredit-Credited. Instead the split.item will be booked to your default liable account, and included as part of the TransferBalance record type in your Marketplace Payments Accounting Report.

For further information to execute a split payment request, kindly refer to our documentation


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