How do I set up system messages?

Set up system messages for important events

System messages inform you of important events such as scheduled maintenance, service downtime, chargebacks, or fraud. You receive system messages automatically in your Customer Area but you can also receive them via email.

Good to know: 

  • You’ll receive system messages at the email address linked to your user. So if you haven’t received your system messages, double check your email address.
  • Each user can only manage system message subscriptions for their own account, so your colleague has to do it themselves. 
  • If you have the Merchant user management role, you can see what system message subscriptions are active on someone else’s account under their User settings page. 

System messages via email

  1. Log in to your Customer Area.
  2. Select the bell icon at the top right, then select System messages.
  3. Select Manage subscriptions, and select which messages you would like to get by email. Make sure you set your service message subscriptions at the company level.
  4. Select Save.

System messages for all accounts

If you’re not receiving system messages via email, make sure you have subscribed to system messages. 

  • If you have access to the company account, make sure to turn on include merchant accounts to receive messages for all related merchant accounts. 
  • If you don’t have access to the company account, you need to set up a separate subscription for each of your merchant accounts.
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