How can I change the time zone of my merchant account?

2 different time zones within your account

Customer Area time zone

The Customer Area time zone is used for general use across your Customer Area (such as the event journal in Payment details)

This timezone adapts automatically to your location and can’t be changed manually. 

Platform and Report time zone

The Platform and Report time zone determines the beginning and end of the reporting period for each report. You can change this timezone only in the Test environment. 

Tip: Check how this timezone impacts your reports.

Change the report time zone in Test

  1. Log in to your Customer Area.
  2. Go to Account > Settings
  3. Set the Company Schedule (timezone) field to your preferred time zone. 
  4. To configure the time zone at merchant level, switch to your merchant level account from the account switcher.

Tip: If you need to change the Platform and Report timezone in the Live environment, submit a request to Support.

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