What should I do if my shopper says they didn’t receive a refund?

What to do if a shopper can’t see their refund

It’s a good idea to first check if a shopper received their refund. Remember that a refund is successful when it receives one of the following statutes: RefundScheduled, Refunded, RefundedExternally, or RefundedBulk

  • If a shopper reaches out with questions for a refund, send them the refund letter as proof they were refunded. 
  • If a shopper still claims they weren’t refunded, ask them to provide you with a signed statement from their bank indicating they didn’t receive a refund, and then reach out to Support.

Tip: Refund letters are available for payments made via Adyen Acquiring, Visa, or Mastercard. Find your refund letters.

Note: If you try refunding a shopper to a closed bank account, the refund will be reversed. It’s possible the funds stay with the bank. In that case, the shopper should reach out to their bank.


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