Why can’t I make a refund?

Possible reasons you can’t make a refund

Is the refund button unavailable, or you can’t make a refund? This can happen for one of the following reasons.

  • Your user role doesn’t have refund rights. Reach out to your admin user. They can assign you the Merchant manage payments role, which lets you make refunds. 
  • The payment method doesn’t support refunds. See an overview of our payment methods. 
  • There is an active dispute issued upon it. The refund will be blocked within the Customer Area because a refund and a chargeback would result in a double debit to your account. To prevent this, Adyen blocks the refund.
  • A refund isn’t yet possible. A payment must be captured and in SentForSettle or Settled status before a refund is possible. Read more on payment statuses. 
  • The bank account details aren’t valid. This can happen with some online banking methods like Sofort. Check the IBAN versus the issuerCountry for mismatches.
  • You reached the refund limit for this payment method. See a visual overview later in this article.
  • If your transaction received the RefundFailed status, read why your refund failed.
  • You have an insufficient refund balance.

Tip: If none of the preceding apply to you, and you still can’t make a refund, reach out to Support

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