How can I change my capture settings?

Capture settings

Based on the payment method there are several possible settings for captures.


What does it mean?

Where can I change it?

Automatic vs. manual capture

Payments are captured automatically or you need to explicitly request a capture for each payment.

By default, it is set as automatic. Change it to manual.

Capture delay

The time between payment authorization and capture (automatic capture).

By default, it is set as immediate. Change capture delay.

Partial capture

You can partially capture a payment.

You can select between single and multiple partial captures. Check how to change it. 

Single partial capture

Any unclaimed amount left over after partially capturing a payment is automatically canceled.

Check to select it.

Multiple partial captures

The unclaimed amount after an initial capture isn’t automatically canceled.

To activate it, contact our Support.


Learn more on the difference between automatic and manual capture.

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