What is the difference between manual and automatic capture?

What’s a capture?

A capture is the transfer of reserved funds from a shopper to a business after the authorization of a transaction. We offer 2 types of capture: automatic and manual.


Automatic capture

With automatic capture, payments are captured automatically, based on your capture delay. Capture delay is the time period between payment authorization and capture.

By default, payments are captured immediately after authorization. Setting up a delay between the authorization and the automatic capture of the payment allows you to cancel the authorization, for example when it turns out that an item is out of stock. Read our documentation to change the capture delay.

Manual capture

With manual capture, you need to explicitly request a capture for each payment. You can do so via your Customer Area or through the API

Note: the default setting is automatic capture. Activate manual capture in your Customer Area. 

Tip: find more details on how to manage your captures.

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