How can I check if a refund was received by the shopper?

Check a refund status 

  1. Log in to your Customer Area.
  2. Go to Transactions > Payments.
  3. In the Search box, enter the original PSP reference, and then go to History to see the latest status. 

Refund statuses

  • Refunded: The funds returned to the customer's bank.
  • RefundedExternally: The external acquirer confirms the funds returned to the customer's bank.
  • RefundedBulk: The refund was processed successfully and the funds are with the shopper.
  • SentForRefund:The request to refund the payment back to the shopper has been sent to the financial institution.
  • RefundReversed: The customer didn’t receive the funds. The funds returned to Adyen and are back in your account. The customer's bank account may no longer be valid.
  • RefundFailed: The customer didn’t receive the funds. An issue took place, and the funds are still in your account.

Note: Customers can track their refunds with the Acquirer Reference Number (ARN), for most credit card transactions. If a customer can’t see their refund, ask them to contact their bank and have their ARN or refund letter ready. 

Tip: You can download and send a refund letter to your shopper (for Visa and Mastercard ecommerce credit cards).

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