Why is my payment canceled?

Canceled payments

A customer or a user of your business account can cancel a payment. 

When an authorized payment is canceled, the transfer of the customer's funds is stopped. This means the funds never leave the shopper’s account and aren’t sent to the recipient.

A Canceled payment:

  • stops the transfer of shopper funds.
  • doesn’t deduct funds.
  • is final.

Note: A payment can be canceled if authorized but not yet captured. It’s only possible to cancel a payment before receiving the SentForSettle status. 

Note: If a customer sees charges from a canceled payment, ask them to provide official proof from their bank and contact Support. In most cases, this is an error caused by banking apps.

Note: Afterpay Touch transactions using manual captures require the payment to be captured within 13 days after authorization. If the payment isn't captured within 13 days, before the second installment, Afterpay Touch cancels the payment and refunds the first installment to the shopper.

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