How do I manage my account structure?

Your main account

With Adyen, you always have one company account that hosts your sub-accounts called merchant accounts.

Your merchant accounts

You can have several merchant accounts within your company account. Keep separate merchant accounts if you want to:

  • Have accounts with different legal entities.
  • Receive invoices in different currencies. You can set up one merchant account per invoice currency.
  • Have one merchant account for each country you operate.
  • Distinguish between your ecommerce, in-person, or Pay by Link accounts.

Merchant account groups

When you have several merchant accounts you can group them together in account groups if you want to:

  • Give users access to many merchant accounts fast.
  • Search for payments across different merchant accounts.

Create or edit an account group

  1. Log in to your Customer Area.
  2. Go to Account > Account groups > Add/Edit group

Your point of sale account

You can organize your stores to fit your needs. You can for example:

  • Have one merchant account per store 
  • Have multiple stores within one merchant account and identify the stores with Store IDs

See examples of account structures.

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