How can I re-authorise a transaction?

You can re-authorise a transaction from your Customer Area (test or live) if the most recent journal type is one of the following:

  • Cancelled
  • Expired
  • Refunded
  • RefundedBulk
  • RefundedExternally

Go to Transactions > Payments, then search for the transaction. Click on the PSP reference to open the Payment details page. 

If there is a See all payment actions button, click on the button, then Re-authorize payment. 

If there is no See all payment actions button, look for Submit Re-authorise Request under Operations

You can optionally fill in the fields below: 

  • Amount - In case you would like to submit a request for a partial amount instead of the full amount of the original transaction. 
  • Reference - Your (merchant) reference for the new transaction. If left blank, the merchant reference will be the same as the reference for the original transaction. 
  • Capture delay(hours) - Specify a number of hours after which the payment will be captured. Set this to 0 to capture the transaction immediately after authorisation. If left blank, the configuration under Account settings will apply. More information can be found here: Capture delay.

Re-authorising a transaction in this way is not without risks:

  • This will be a new authorisation which may be refused by the issuer. Adyen has no control over this.
  • The shopper will see a new charge on their account. 
  • There will be no liability shift for the new transaction, so there may be a chargeback risk. 

We highly recommend that you reach out to your customer before proceeding to help mitigate these risks. Nevertheless you should note that the payment is not guaranteed.

For this reason we would like to emphasise that this is only intended for exceptional use, for example if a transaction was not captured in time by mistake and it expired, or you refunded the wrong amount back to the customer and now you need to recover part or all of the funds.

This functionality is supported for the following payment methods: 

  • Cards
  • SEPA Direct Debit
  • iDEAL, if SEPA Direct Debit is active on your account
  • Sofort, if SEPA Direct Debit is active on your account.

To re-authorise transactions you need the Merchant Re-authorise Payments role in the Customer Area. If this is not available, please reach out to your admin user to provide the relevant user role.

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