What remittance/payout description is configured for my accounts?

What is displayed on your bank statement for each payout is determined by the payout description configured on company account level or for each of your merchant accounts.

Per default, we are sending a unique payout reference, merchant account name and batch number to be included on your bank statement.

TX123456789123XT TestMerchant, batch 4

Depending on the clearing mechanism and your country/bank, the information may be truncated on your bank statement. For example, UK banks often only show the first 30 characters included in the payout description.


Possible placeholders are the following (this list is not exhaustive): 

Placeholder Description Example
`${account}` merchant account code accountCode
`${txid}` unique payout reference X123456789123XT
`${batch}` batch sequence number 12
`${gc}` gross capture in payment currency with currency code GC23.56GBP. Note: this can be a list
`${gr}` gross refund in payment currency with currency code GR12.77USD. Note: this can be a list


To verify what the payout description looks like that we are sending to your bank: 

1. Log in to your Customer Area.
2. Go to Reports > download a Settlement detail report with a merchantPayout journal.
3. Refer to the last line including the merchantPayout and column Modification Reference.

This will show the payout description that Adyen is sending to your bank to be displayed on your bank statement.


If the payout description on bank statement does not match the payout description visible on the Settlement detail report, please take the limitations described in this article into account. 


If you would like to make changes to the configured payout description, please reach out to support@adyen.com. 

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