Why is the transaction status `Cancelled` when the Customer Area shows `CancelNotProcessed`?

In some scenarios it can occur that a /cancel operation is unsuccessful. This usually happens when the infrastructure at the issuing bank, or the connection to that specific bank, does not support (partial) cancellation of an authorisation. In situations where the cancellation does not process, it is due to the logic on the issuers end. Unfortunately, even if the cancellation reflected a failed status we cannot reprocess cancellation requests.

Adyen might still send you a successful CANCELATION notification with the transactions status 'Cancelled' indicating that the request itself has been successfully made without errors and that the cancellation was processed on Adyen’s end.

The shopper can reach out to the issuer or can wait for the authorisation to expire.
The authorisation will automatically expire from the shopper’s account, usually within 14 days. For you as a merchant, there is no additional risk of chargebacks as no funds are moved yet (the shopper was not charged).

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