How can I check terminal settings?

Terminal settings can be checked in the Customer Area. Terminal settings can be configured on different levels and each level affects different subset of the terminals that you have. Settings that are applicable to your entire terminal fleet can be set at company level. In this case you need to make sure that you are also at company level before you check the settings in the Point-of-sale section.

More localized settings can be configured on a merchant account level. These settings then apply only to terminals that are under the chosen merchant account. To view these settings you need to make sure to be at a merchant level account before checking the configurations.

If you have multiple brands using Adyen terminals and you are using store IDs, you can also check and set terminal settings per store ID. These settings are applicable only to the terminals assigned and boarded to that specific store. To check the terminal settings of a specific store you need to locate the store in the stores list and click on it.

Settings that only apply to a specific terminal can be checked in the settings page of the terminal. Once you have the serial number of the terminal, navigate to Point of Sale >> Terminals and find your terminal in the list. Clicking on the terminal will bring you to the page with the terminal settings where you can check which settings are enabled or disabled.

The minimum role needed for checking terminal settings in the Customer Area is Merchant POS Terminal View role.

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