What remittance will be displayed when receiving funds from Adyen?

As part of each merchant payout, Adyen is sending remittance information (description of the transfer) for inclusion on the merchant's bank statement. By default, this includes a unique 16-character payout reference, merchant account name and batch number. For example:

  • TX123456789123XT batch 4, TestMerchant

Merchants can adjust the default remittance information that is being sent to the bank, however, there are character limitations that vary depending on the bank receiving the payout. This might result in the description being adjusted or cut off/ not displaying in its full length. Special characters such as "_"  are often reflected as blank spaces on the remittance. 

Unfortunately, while we ensure the correct description is being sent, Adyen cannot guarantee that this information will be received and displayed in the merchant's bank statement. To verify what Adyen has configured as description and is forwarding to the bank, please refer to this article.

Due to the limitations mentioned above, Adyen does not recommend the use of remittance for reconciliation purposes.

The different options when it comes to adjusting the remittance information are the following:

  • Configuration can be applied either on company or merchant account level
  • The order of the placeholders (such as merchant account name, batch number) can be altered
  • Additional character/strings can be hardcoded into the default string
  • Additional placeholders can be added to the default string

If you would like to make changes in the default remittance information after taking the limitations discussed above into consideration, please reach out to support@adyen.com. Adyen is working on making this functionality available to merchants and adding further clarity on the character limitations per country/region. 

If you are not getting any of the above mentioned values on the remittance descriptor, please contact finance@adyen.com so that they can help you investigate.




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