How to integrate with Klarna?

Prepare your Go-Live:


Ace your payment method configuration:

For the Live environment setup the following information would be requested:

  • A Customer Support Email Address*. This will be the public point of contact between shoppers and merchants. It will be shown on the Klarna Payments Instruction and can not be an URL. 
  • A Dispute Email Address*. This will be the private point of contact between Klarna and merchants. This email is the main login credential for the Klarna Merchant Portal and Klarna may use it for stop requests.
  • Your capture settings. Capture is always manual, but can be configured to automatic if you confirm your compliance with Klarna's Scheme Rules: Shipment must be done within 24h.
  • The region where you want to process Klarna, as a different account is needed per continent: Europe, North America and Oceania. Find which countries are supported


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* Adyen does not manage these addresses. Note that you cannot change the dispute email address later, so we recommend the use of a general company email address instead of an individual one for accessibility purposes. In addition, Klarna will send an activation link to access the merchant portal. This link will expire 24 hours after sending.

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