How to use the Klarna Merchant Portal?

As an Adyen merchant you can manage your Klarna payments from the Adyen Customer Area and perform captures, refunds, reporting and dispute management.


Once configured on the LIVE environment, Klarna will automatically send the login details for the Klarna Merchant Portal to the specified Dispute Email Address, please store these credentials.


The Klarna Portal can be accessed via  and used to:

  1. Manage on the Branding App the settings of the Klarna checkout: merchant name, logo, banner and urls linked to your Klarna account.
  2. Access the Klarna On-Site Messaging App, in order to improve how to communicate the Klarna options to your customers. Reach out to Klarna for more information.
  3. Extend the authorisation of your transactions on the Orders App. There are 90 days by default to capture Klarna payments. If needed this capture window can be extended per transaction, only before this period expires, otherwise the authorisation will be lost.
  4. Log in with your Dispute Email Address and manage the access of users with the Users App
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