Is it possible to send in a dynamic shopper statement?

Yes, for direct Adyen acquiring channels, you can submit a dynamic description by submitting the shopperStatement object in your API request.


  • Not all acquirers support dynamic shopper statements.
  • Maximum allowed character length is 22 characters, including spaces.
  • a-z, A-Z, 0-9 or spaces, Special characters: . , ' _ - ? + * /
  • Sending a longer string than 22 characters may result in the statement being truncated by the issuing bank.

You can include placeholders in the shopperStatement object for different references. For example;

  • ${reference} for the merchant reference
  • ${pspReference} for the PSP reference.

Please keep in mind that we send this information to the shopper's issuing bank, but are not responsible for displaying the information on the shopper's bank statement. Ultimately it is the issuing bank which decides what is displayed on the shopper's bank statement.

To set a static descriptor, please refer to this article here.


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