Why do I get the error 401 Unauthorized?

When making transactions using your Plugin it is possible to receive HTTP 401 Unauthorized error response. This means that you have inputted something incorrectly in your Plugin settings within Magento, Hybris (SAP), SFCC, Shopify or Netsuite.
Please check the following: 
  • That your merchant account name is correct. Please make sure you input your merchant account name and not company account name and keep in mind this is case sensitive.
  • The web service user you have inputted is correct. You can check this in the customer area under  Developers > API credentials. 
  • The API key for live and test are correct. Please be advised you cannot use your test key for live and vice versa as they only work for their respective environment.  You can check that this is correct by looking at the API key for your web service user in the customer area under API Credentials > Authentication> API Key and comparing the end values in the Customer Area and your Plugin.
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